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    Selling Wiser: Ep 2, GTM Efficiency with Basile Senesi, CRO at Arc

    Selling Wiser: GTM Efficiency with Basile Senesi


    Podcast episode available here on YouTube.

    In this conversation, Cory Pitt, CEO of WiserAI, speaks with Basile Senesi, CRO of Arc, about Arc's go-to-market motion and sales strategies. They discuss Arc's sales team structure, Q2 revenue strategy, and the focus on efficient growth. They also explore the tools and technologies that Arc leverages to enhance sales team productivity and the opportunities for sales copilots in the sales process. The conversation highlights the importance of balancing enablement trainings and software to drive sales success, and explores various aspects of sales team effectiveness and customer feedback in shaping product offerings. Over the call, Basile highlights the importance of call preparation, tracking engagement, and verifying talk track usage.

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