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    AI Revenue Efficiencies with Andrew Johnston

    Selling Wiser: Sales Rep Efficiency with AI with Andrew Johnston


    Podcast episode available here on YouTube.

    In this conversation, Cory Pitt, CEO of Wiser AI, speaks with Andrew Johnston, Head of Sales at Superhuman, about the unique go-to-market motion at Superhuman and how AI is being used to optimize the sales process. They discuss the qualities of successful sellers at Superhuman, the potential of AI in email drafting and optimization, and the importance of trust in AI tools. They also explore the role of AI in call coaching and the future of call recorders in sales. Finally, they offer advice for sales leaders on improving their own performance and driving growth.


    • Superhuman has a unique go-to-market motion, starting as a B2C company and expanding into B2B. They target individual users who are super users of the product and then leverage that to bring in more organizations.
    • AI is being used at Superhuman to optimize the sales process, including email drafting, email optimization, and data capture. The goal is to enable sellers to focus on creating the best customer experience and being more responsive.
    • Trust is a key factor when adopting AI tools. It's important to ensure that the tools are adding value and not replacing the human touch. Human involvement and curation are still necessary for effective sales.
    • Sales leaders should focus on strategic thinking and understanding the problems the business is facing. They should study outliers and identify trends to drive growth and make informed decisions about sales processes and tools.
    • The future of call coaching may involve AI tools that extract clips and provide insights, but there will still be a need for listening to calls to capture the full context and nuances of communication.
    • Sales leaders should adopt a GM mindset and act like owners of their sales patch. They should focus on finding new opportunities for growth and come up with solutions to problems within their area of responsibility.

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