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    Command of the Message

    Commanding the Message: Diving into Command of the Message

    Buyers are more informed and solutions more abundant than ever before. Software buyers often conduct extensive research before ever speaking to a sales representative, meaning they enter sales conversations with a baseline understanding of what solutions are available.

    Command of the Message helps sales teams elevate these conversations:

    • Focusing on strategic outcomes rather than features or functions.
    • Tailoring the conversation to the buyer's specific context, demonstrating an understanding of their industry, challenges, and strategic objectives.
    • Establishing a consultative relationship where the sales rep is viewed as a trusted advisor rather than just a vendor.

    Command of the Message exists as a strategic response to a common challenge in sales. Effectively communicate the unique value of a product or service in a way that resonates with the specific needs and concerns of the customer. This methodology was developed to ensure that sales teams could consistently and compellingly articulate why their solution is the best fit for the customer. Ensuring differentiation from competitors in a crowded and noisy market.

    What is Command of the Message?

    Command of the Message centers on deeply understanding and effectively communicating your solution's unique value. It enables sales reps to customize their messaging to meet the specific needs, pain points, and desired business outcomes. Consequently, this approach enhances customer engagement and fosters more meaningful conversations, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

    Why Command of the Message?
    Clarity and Consistency

    In any organization, ensuring that every member of the sales team communicates the value of their offering in the same way is crucial. This consistency prevents mixed messages and ensures that the core value propositions are always front and center in every sales conversation.

    Deep Customer Understanding

    Command of the Message encourages sales teams to go beyond surface-level benefits and delve into how their solution can address the specific challenges and goals of their customers. This deep understanding fosters more meaningful conversations and helps build stronger relationships.

    Enhanced Sales Effectiveness

    By equipping sales reps with a structured approach to messaging, they're better prepared to handle objections, navigate customer questions, and steer conversations towards the unique strengths of their solution. This effectiveness not only boosts confidence among sales reps but also increases conversion rates and accelerates sales cycles.

    Improves Customer Understanding

    It enables sales teams to better understand and anticipate the needs and pain points of their prospects, leading to more effective solution-based selling.

    Differentiation in Competitive Markets

     In industries where products and services often appear similar to prospective customers, being able to clearly and convincingly communicate what makes your solution different—and better—can be a significant competitive advantage.

    Best and Least Suited Teams for COTM

    Well-Suited Teams:

    • B2B Sales Teams: Particularly those selling complex solutions where understanding and articulating the product's unique value is critical.
    • High-Value Solution Sales: Teams whose offerings have significant impact on their customers' business outcomes.
    • Consultative Sales Environments: Where building long-term relationships based on trust and value is essential.

    Less Suited Teams:

    • High-Volume, Low-Value B2C Sales: Where transactions are quick and based more on price or convenience.
    • Product-Led Growth Teams: Where the product itself is designed to drive sales, and the sales cycle is minimal or non-existent.
     Common Pitfalls with Command of the Message
    • Over-Complexity: Teams sometimes overcomplicate the messaging, making it difficult for prospects to grasp the value quickly.
    • Inconsistent Application: Without uniform understanding and adoption across the team, the methodology's effectiveness is compromised.
    • Lack of Customization: Failing to tailor the message to each prospect's specific context and needs can lead to missed opportunities.

      MEDDIC stands for Metrics, Economic Buyer, Decision Criteria, Decision Process, Identify Pain, and Champion. This highly detailed and customer-focused methodology is ideal for tech sales, where decisions are often data-driven and involve multiple stakeholders.
    Example: Selling Snowflake with Command of the Message

    Imagine you're selling Snowflake, a cloud data platform that enables data storage, processing, and analytic solutions that are faster, easier to use, and far more flexible than traditional offerings. Here's how you might apply Command of the Message in this context:

    Deep Product Understanding

    You know that Snowflake's unique architecture allows for near-unlimited scalability, with separate compute and storage capabilities. This means customers can scale up or down based on their needs, without hefty upfront costs.

    Customer-Centric Messaging

    You're speaking with a potential customer in the e-commerce sector experiencing rapid growth. They're struggling with their current data solution, which can't scale quickly enough to meet demand, leading to delays in insights and decision-making.


    You start by asking about their current data infrastructure, aiming to understand the limitations they're facing. "Can you walk me through your current data processing workflow and some of the challenges your team encounters during peak traffic periods?"


    As they explain their difficulties in scaling their data processing capabilities and the impact on their ability to leverage real-time analytics for business decisions, you identify key pain points that Snowflake can address.

    Value Articulation

    Here's how you can align Snowflake’s capabilities with their needs: "Imagine a world where your data infrastructure scales effortlessly with your growth, allowing you to process and analyze data in real-time, without the hassle of extensive planning or extra resources. Snowflake's unique architecture enables you to boost your data processing capabilities instantly, ensuring rapid, data-driven decision-making. This agility not only enhances your competitive edge but also lets you respond swiftly to market trends."

    While we previously merged concepts for a broader understanding, let's clarify now: Command of the Message is a distinct sales methodology, though it integrates elements like Situation, Problem, and Value Articulation similar to those in SPIN Selling.

    In Command of the Message, while not explicitly labeled as phases, components such as situation awareness, problem identification, and value articulation are seamlessly incorporated into its framework.

    • Situational Awareness: Understanding the customer's current environment and challenges is essential. This isn't just about knowing their situation but about deeply comprehending the context in which your solution fits. It sets the stage for effective messaging.
    • Problem Identification: Clearly identifying and agreeing on the customer's problems that your solution can solve. This involves demonstrating an understanding of their pain points and how these challenges affect their business outcomes.
    • Value Articulation: The essence of Command of the Message. It's about articulating how your solution uniquely addresses the customer's problems and delivers specific benefits and outcomes that align with their objectives.
    What Sales Reps Need to Know

    As an AE working within a team using Command of the Message, here are areas you should focus on.

    • Deep Product Knowledge: Understanding every facet of your solution is crucial to articulate its value convincingly.
    • Customer-Centric Approach: Every communication should be tailored to the prospect's specific situation, focusing on their needs and how your solution meets them.
    • Active Listening Skills: Essential for identifying and leveraging opportunities to align your solution with the prospect's needs.
    • Flexibility: Being able to adjust your messaging on the fly based on the prospect's feedback and reactions.
    The Evolution of Sales Methodologies

    Command of the Message represents an evolution in sales methodologies toward more consultative, value-driven approaches. This shift mirrors changes in buyer-seller interactions, moving from product-focused sales to solution-oriented engagements that drive measurable business outcomes. As buyers' expectations escalate, methodologies like Command of the Message offer a framework to meet these demands and foster successful sales engagements.