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    Selling Wiser: Ep 3, GTM Efficiency with Brad Rosen

    Selling Wiser: GTM Efficiency with Brad Rosen


    Podcast episode available here on YouTube.

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    In this conversation, Brad Rosen, President at Sales Assembly, discusses various topics related to how sales leaders are focusing on efficiencies through methodologies and sales coaching with Cory Pitt, Wiser's CRO. Brad explains the go-to-market training provided by Sales Assembly and the focus on skill development for sales representatives. The conversation covers the challenges of the customer journey and the importance of a cohesive customer experience. Brad also shares insights on identifying the ideal customer profile and the opportunities for startups in the sales productivity space. The discussion also touches on strategies for enhancing team productivity and the role of LinkedIn in sales.

    Key takeaways:

    • Sales Assembly offers go-to-market training focused on skill development for sales representatives.
    • Creating a cohesive customer journey is crucial for a positive customer experience.
    • Identifying the ideal customer profile helps in targeting the right prospects and personalizing outreach.
    • Startups can find opportunities in niche markets and differentiate themselves from larger players.
    • Efficiency in sales can be improved through warm leads, referrals, and social engagement.
    • Continuous learning, seeking feedback, and engaging with others' calls can enhance sales skills.